"Real Russia" ep.34: Inside of The Biggest TV Channel in Bashkortostan, Russia

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"Real Russia" YouTube channel was created special for an intelligent western audience who wants to know about the real life in Russia, the biggest country in the World that in Soviet times was closed with an Iron Curtain, and now falsely known as a country of dash cam crashes, Vodka drunkards and white bears riding on a motorcycle.For this reason, we always promoted our channel only to foreign people. We supposed it makes no sense for us spending our very limited promo budget for local audience which actually already knows most of what we are going to say.So no wonder at first we've got noticed with "RussiaToday", the biggest English-speaking channel in Russia and only then with Bashkortostan Satellite Television (BST), the biggest local government TV channel in Bashkortostan Republic of Russia.We keep film everything interesting in Russia and, of course, we couldn't miss the possibility to make an episode about our visit for interview at BST channel. In this video we'll get you inside of Bashkortostan Satellite Television and show their daily routine of producing the TV show called "Vecher.com".Thank You all for making this happen. Only thankful to all of your support and interest, we keep making this channel and still sure that no matter what everything just begins. Too many work yet is waiting for us and hope you will stay tuned!And special thanks to all "Vecher.com" TV crew for an invitation!Our t-shirts with shipping all over the World - http://realrussiablog.com/tshirts/p1.htmlSupport our channel with PayPal Donation - http://realrussiablog.com/support-us.html

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